1.Academic writing is different from personal writing because it deals with the ideas and theories that are used in argument and research. In addition, it has a formal tone and observes rules of punctuation, spelling, and so forth rather strictly.
2.Academic writing is organized with a formal structure that is used to present ideas.
3.One important difference between academic writing and other types of writing is that academic essays rely on others’ ideas as well as the writer’s. Those ideas come from experts, such as professors and published authors. (We will not cover citation in this part of the course. College Writing 2.2x will cover doing research writing.)
4.In academic writing, you need to think about who you are writing for. You should assume an audience that is educated, but may not know about your topic specifically.
5.It is important to use correct grammar and punctuation in all styles of writing, but academic writing tends to be more strict about it.