This is a very good day for me during last ten days, because I have my first foreign teacher class.

    Early at 8 o’clock , a foreign came in our classroom, he is very tall and thin, and he has curly and yellow hair. Our teacher told us he is our foreign teacher. To his instruction, we knew he was a American , he siad” I’m 38 years old, I have 7 children, 4 are girls and 3 are boys. My little sister is 19 years youngest than me.” We are all amused.

    In his class , he played 3 games with us .The first game called ” Talk and Draw”. In my group ,the first student said” There is a dog UNDER the desk” to the second student, but the last student told me there was a dog ON the desk. So, we failed this game. The second game was chose 5 students to read a passage quickly and loudly. Fortunately, the teacher didn’t’t choose me in my group but chose my desk mate. She and other 4 students are the fastest and loudest, so we won this game. The last game was, the teacher did a action, and a student guessed the action .Finally, we won!

    Now, I’m in my sister’s home. I am enjoin’ English.